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World Environment Day - We’re doing our bit!

June the 5th is World Environment Day - which is a perfect time for me to let you know a few things.

It’s been increasingly worrying me about how Dixie Dot is run - I don’t want to do any extra damage to the environment because of the business I run so I have been making continual progress to make changes. 

We have chosen a waste disposal service who separate out the recycling so all your cans, pots, paper end up at the right places. 

I have made a decision to stop using the disposable plastic aprons - especially for Slime making and instead we are reinforcing the advice that messy clothes are a must when coming along to be creative in the studio. Whilst our slime process has been refined so much there is much much less mess, I don’t want party clothes going home with blobs of slime on!


We have already moved to electronic invoicing and collection tickets to save on print waste - makes life much easier to text or email you and there is less chance of you losing a bit of paper!

All supplier packaging is reused or recycled. When it gets sent to us in bubble wrap, we use this to give your your items on collection to protect it on the way home. 

All our paints are non toxic, washable, and will not damage the environment. 

Our lights are turned off as much as possible when we don’t have customers in. We have lighting that (I am informed by my  electrician!) are much greener than incandescent fittings and the heaters are the most efficient we can have to warm a large space. They heat the people and the fabric of the building, not the air around us. Admittedly we rarely used them as the residual kiln heat usually keeps us toasty. 

At parties we used plastic mugs that are washed instead of disposables, and if we have to use the paper plates over the plastic ones, we ensure they are not the plastic coated ones and make sure they head to our recycling bin. 

Just a few small ways I wanted to share with you that Dixie Dot are doing their bit to help. We strive to be greener and keep assessing the opportunities as we grow! We welcome any advice or suggestions!

What can you do today to protect the environment for our children and generations beyond?

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