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Corporate Events

  • Are you part of a team that could do with some down-time?

  • Things not quite the same since Covid-19 hit?

  • Remote workers feeling even more distanced?

It's not surprising, we're quite literally in a whole new world. Your team needs to be happy, organised, focused, supportive and productive but sometimes that's easier said than done. At Dixie Dot we offer you our Team Fun events. You can visit our 36 seater studio in Kingsway, or we can come to you, with our of our craft offerings. It gives people a chance to get together, chat, relax, have some fun AND it'll boost team morale at the same time. We are open to your suggestions and can work round you.

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One of our team will be in touch soon to discuss your event further. Thank you for trusting Dixie Dot Crafts with this important event.

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