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Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting is SO much fun because it gives you a chance to unleash the inner artist you might not even realise you have hidden away!

Choose your blank pottery, pick your colours and create your very own unique design. We will seal it onto the pottery by glazing and firing in our kilns on site. 

If you're brand new to Pottery Painting (welcome!) and want to know how it works, head to our FAQ's to find out more. 

Our studio has over 300 blanks to choose from - see some inspiration below.

We also offer Paint at Home kits for you to collect so you can get creative outside of out studio - simply return to us for glazing and firing when you're done!

Here are a few painted pieces for some inspiration....

...and here are some of the 400 different pottery 'blanks' we offer.

If you want to check the price or find out more regarding pricing please click here