Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting is SO much fun because it gives you a chance to unleash the inner artist you might not even realise you have inside! Choose your blank pottery, pick your colours and create your very own unique design. We will seal it onto the pottery by glazing and firing which is completed on site! 

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we have been forced to extend our 'paint at home ' offer. The studio not currently open to sit-in painters,  just for appointments to do prints of babies and pets.

Sorry for any disappointment this causes - but now you get to stay home, warm, dry and STILL creating beautiful masterpieces! 

Here are some sample pieces for you to see

Below we have a sample of the 250 different pottery 'blanks' in the studio.

You can also see more in the

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  • Begin your Dixie Dot experience in our lovely bright studio!

    20 British pounds

Deposit (Deducted from cost of pottery)

Speciality Days

These are the pottery painting events that we dedicate an entire day to ensuring you get a unique experience in the studio. We produce a one off just for you.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon

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