Frequently asked questions


When can I collect my pottery?

Your pottery is ready for collection approx. 1 week after it was painted - we will contact you to let you know. By having specific times for collection it means that we can ensure we are available so that you can collect your pottery. Our collection times are strictly: Tuesday 3.30-5.30 Thursday 9.30-10.30 Friday 9.30-11.30 Saturday 9.30-10.30 Please note that due to a shortage of space we can only keep your pottery for one calendar month before we have to dispose of it, unless you have made prior arrangements with us to keep it for longer.

How does Pottery Painting work?

It is always recommended that you reserve your table by using the booking facility within the calendar. Walk ins are possible, however due to the volume of parties, mobile events and workshops it may not always be possible to accommodate you - and I hate to disappoint anyone! When you arrive you have some time to choose your items We have over 250 'blank' items in stock including money boxes, tablewear, jugs and photo frames. We also have a number of childrens ornaments. There are no added extras or studio fees on top. The price you see is the price you pay! Paint your piece using stencils, stamps or freehand designs you can start to make the item individual to you with specialist ceramic paints. We are on hand to offer advice and tips along the way! Younger children are encouraged to release their creativity and make bright and colourful masterpieces. They can also do handprints or even finger painting. Painting time usually lasts an hour to an hour and half depending on the complexity of your design. When you are finished, we will glaze and fire your item on site. This takes approximately a week. By the time you collect them they are not only beautifully vibrant decorative items but fully useable and food safe too. The most common comment heard in the studio is 'but I am not creative, I could never make anything look good!'. My answer to that is GIVE IT A GO! We have so many hints, tips and tools to advise you on and you don't even have to be good at freehand drawing. We have special clay carbon paper to trace a design that you may have found in a book or online. Just bring it along and we will help you with the rest!

How long do you keep my pottery for?

We will keep your pottery for one calendar month from the date of painting unless otherwise agreed. We will contact you prior to disposal to give you a gentle reminder!

I can't make my booking! What should I do?

Go to your account in the members area and reschedule in the 'my bookings' section. You are only able to do this up to 24 hours in advance. Shorter notice requires you to call us and let us know, or alternatively message our Facebook page. Please see the cancellation policy for more details regarding deposits and bookings.

I saw an item I'd like to paint. Is it in stock?

Stock varies all the time and we cannot guarantee we will have your chosen item ready for your design when you arrive. If you have your heart set on something specific please give us a call and let us know well in advance and we can do our best to order you one in.

How much does Pottery Painting cost?

It's entirely dependent on the items you choose. To make life easy (particularly for those on specific budgets) we don't price pottery individually. Our shelves go up in £5 increments from £10. We also have Add-On items for £5 and there is a sale shelf with one-offs, discontinued items and those with imperfections that are looking for their new home. Items vary but can be priced from £5 up depending on availability. Please note we do not charge anything extra - for example: glazing and firing. Some pottery studios opt for a 'studio fee' which is charged on top for your paint, glazing and firing. To make life easy, we have one fee that includes absolutely everything with no suprises at the till!


How do your parties work for children?

We LOVE hosting your birthday parties! However, due to the current social restrictions around Covid-19 all party bookings are temporarily on hold. As soon as we are able to offer them again you will be able to book via our Parties page on this website.

Opening Times

What time are you open?

It depends what you would like to do! Collection of prepainted pottery is strictly Tues 3.30-5.30pm Thurs/Fri/Sat 9.30-10.30am Want to paint? Book your table ahead of time and see what available slots we have click here Birthday parties : Sundays only (during Coronavirus restrictions) Baby prints, paw prints, clay prints, youth groups, other groups such as WI - pre book in advance on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Contact us here to book: Click here Need to contact the studio for any other reason? : Click here

General Questions

Can I buy drinks and snacks?

Yes! We have a range of hot and cold drinks and pre packed snacks such as crisps and chocolate bars. We would ask that you do not bring your own food and drinks into the studio please. Apart from anything else, Costa don't need your money quite as much as small independent businesses like ours do! Fancy a free cuppa while you are with us? Leave a review or photo tagging in Dixie Dot Crafts while you are in the studio and show us at the till - we will happily exchange that for a cuppa on the house!

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes! We offer e-cards delivered to your inbox or hand painted ceramic ones you can collect from the studio. There is no expiry date on them. Please buy yours here:

Where can I park?

Dixie Dot Craft studio is very fortunate to have loads of free parking directly outside the front door - making it easier to load and unload children, park up for a pottery collection and not have to worry about traffic wardens!

Can you accomodate wheelchairs?

Yep! We are all on one level so there are no tricky stairs or uneven floors to negotiate.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash is king. Cards are welcomed - contactless or otherwise! Gift cards - buy yours here:

What if i need to cancel a booking

For Cancellations, please advise us 24hrs in advance to avoid being charged. Please note you can manage your own booking in you Members Area and this also allows you to reschedule your booking for a time that is more suited to you. We operate a cancellation policy due to the significant impact of costs of opening for each session specifically and we fully appreciate the efforts that our customers make to help us in our management of this.

Coronavirus Info

Are you open?

We aim to open for pre booking of family tables early Aug 2020. You are able to buy as many pottery items and craft kits as you like in the Dixie Dot Shop to do at home, even when we are open. You don't HAVE to paint in the studio. Visit the Dixie Dot Shop here:

Do we have to wear masks when we come to paint?

Yes please - for your safety and ours. Masks are to be worn as you enter the studio and while you browse the pottery. They may be removed once you are sat painting however, we ask that you put them back on whenever you may need to leave the table. This is not required for those with breathing difficulties or those under the age of 11.

How are you managing the Covid-19 restrictions?

We have allowed for a minimum of 1m distance between anyone seated at a table (more like 2m). To ensure that you don't need to leave your table often, paint will be provided at your table via 'waitress' service once you are sat and ready. We ask that you don't touch the pottery on the shelves while making your selection - have a good look and we will bring it to your table. Payments will be made at your tables before you leave. There are bottles of hand sanitiser about the studio which we ask you to use upon entering and leaving. Toilets will be cleaned regularly and disinfected after use. Baby prints are managed on an one to one basis with our handprint specialist and your family to minimise the risk. Every table is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after a family has left, as are the paintbrushes and utensils. Our doors are automatic so there is no need to touch a surface that someone else has touched previously, expect for the staff at Dixie Dot who are all following guidelines and are sanitising regularly. Please respect others in the studio at the same time as you. We are all in this together so we ask you to exercise awareness and caution around the other families also enjoying their time with us. Thank you.

What's the process for collecting our painted pottery during the restictions?

When you come to collect the pottery you previously painted we ask that you come to the till and remain in the till area while we head to the shelves to get it. Please make sure you 1) have your receipt ready 2) don't wander round the studio while you are waiting 3) touch anything in the till area We will hand over your bagged items across the till for you to take. There is hand sanitiser on the till if you would like some.

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