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Announcement: Price FREEZE at Dixie Dot

This morning we made a grand announcement that flying in the face of increasing costs, bills escalating, the expense of living going through the roof.... WE ARE FREEZING OUR PRICES!

Have we gone mad?


Well, no, actually.

We are aware that running a studio is already expensive - just firing a kiln these days is extortionate. However, we absolutely will not pass those expenses on to you - our already stretched, loyal customers. That'd be no way to look after you would it now?

In return, however, we need you to do what you do best too.... look after us.

We can't avoid the rising expenses so we need to fill the gap between keeping prices as they are and paying the bills. We need you to bring us new customers. It's actually that simple. If we can get more customers in who are potentially spending less but that we have more of them, we can win this war.


- Talk to everyone you know. Tell them about us.

- Share our posts on socials - reshare to your story, tag a friend, ENGAGE in comments, talk to us!

- Ask a friends or two if they'd like to join you for a workshop

- speak to your HR team at work about booking a corporate team building event

- contact your local charity and tell them about our fundraiser package

- book a birthday party

- ask your NCT group if they'd like a coffee morning at Dixie Dot

There are a million ways that won't cost you a penny but will save our bacon.

Dixie Dot was started on a shoestring 5 years ago - a brave move for a bankrupt, food bank eating single Mum. I get it. I know what it's like to be skint. Crafts, fun, downtime is NOT a luxury, its essential for your mental heath and wellbeing. It's always been my mission to make it affordable, accessible and easy.

I'm digging deep, going back to our roots, looking at where and why we started.

I've got you.

Have you got me?

See you soon!

With love, support and solidarity during the shitty times as well as the good.



ps If you'd like to watch the video with my actual face making the announcement, HERE is the link!

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