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Bunting, Balloons and Fanfares please!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The news I have been itching to tell you can finally be announced!

From the week commencing 21st of September.... THE STUDIO IS REOPENING!!

Blimey, it's been a long ol' lockdown eh?

I took the decision to close a few days earlier that Boris insisted and have not had a single solitary pottery painter in since. For a studio that's normally buzzing and busy, it's felt really dark and lifeless without you there.

Due to adapting at speed - opening a new retail side to the business for a start - the studio turned into a warehouse, a place where I could process all your online orders and hold all the stock.

Slowly I've made a start at clearing it all. The pottery is back on the shelves (in the right places!), the cleaners have been in and I have been upgrading the technical side of things so the till system is updated and this website is launched!

There are some Covid changes - all of which can be found on the booking page when you request a table, about social distancing, how you book and the behaviours in the studio when we are all there. Basically, we're keeping it clean, we'd like you to keep it clean, adhere to our requests and wear a mask when you arrive please (it can be removed while painting/at the table!).

Birthday parties are also back from the 1st Oct. Again, many changes there, but to be able to offer them again feels great. We've already got one booking for January! Woohoo!

Due to being a one-woman-band I have having to manage my week well to ensure that every task gets done and that I can offer a full range of services. Pottery sessions are Thurs/Fri/Sat. Print appointments Tues/Wed/Sat. Parties Fri/Sat.

Here's the link to book your pottery painting sessions:

Here's the link to book baby prints or pet prints:

FINALLY, I am positively thrilled that I can say..... WELCOME BACK! Now lets have some fun!


Dixie Dot x

PS - leave me a little comment below to let me know you've heard the news! It'll give me chance to test out the new website! Thaaaanks!

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I’ve messaged you on Facebook lovely about kits xx


Amazing news 👍 you've done an amazing job throughout lockdown, and will see all your loyal customers return to the studio in no time 🤩


Can’t wait to come back to the studio for some pottery painting and time away from the same 4 walls! X


Amazing news!! I’m so glad that you were able to adapt and that you seem to be coming out of these strange times stronger than ever 🥳


Hayley Hancock
Hayley Hancock
Sep 06, 2020

Yeah! Fab news! Well done lovely x

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