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Cheap Tat or Family Heirloom? There’s no comparison!

Let’s talk about value for money.

You could buy a ‘personalised’ bauble online for about a tenner. It’ll be mass manufactured, probably plastic, with an identical print on and a sticker added with your child’s or family name. It’ll be lobbed through your door by a delivery driver with no care AND you’ll have to pay for postage, likely to be in the region of £3.95

Or, you could come to Dixie Dot and get all of the following:

✅ a welcome with a smile

✅ a staff member dedicated to your appointment

✅ a light, bright, warm welcoming studio

✅ a consultation about the type of bauble you’d like

✅ examples of baubles for you to see, feel and touch the quality

✅ an opportunity to create your own new idea

✅ hand or footprints taken by our specialist with our exclusive, non toxic ceramic paints

✅ Opportunity to purchase a cuppa while all this is happening

✅ Friendly chat while we do your appointment because we love finding out about you and your babies

✅ We hand paint any design work and wording you require in studio

✅ Within a week we hand glaze, hand sand and professionally fire your bauble in our kilns

✅ We quality check then wrap your bauble

✅ We send you a free text notification when it’s ready for collection

✅ You can collect anytime that suits you during 28 hours a week we are open

✅You own a completely unique, hand painted, hand or foot keepsake forever and it can hang on your tree every Christmas.

What’s more, you can do as many baubles in your appointment as you wish for family members.

Our handcrafted baubles are £17.50 each or our 2022 offer is 3 for £50. Thereafter they are £15.

You have the choice to do the personalisation yourself if you’re feeling creative.

If you’d prefer our design team to do the artwork for you so it looks like one of our samples we charge a one off design fee of £5 - and that’s for as many baubles as you purchase, even if that’s 12 of them!


We have exclusive appointments for our free-to-join baby club members:

Click here to sign up and get access to all our available appointments:

Our pottery keepsakes, baubles and everything else, are not manufactured tat, produced on a factory line somewhere in China designed to fleece you of a few quid so that you don’t really care if it gets broken next year.

We absolutely will not and do not compete with items you can find in B&M or Home Bargains because those items are not family heirlooms, treasured keepsakes or something that’s got your child’s ACTUAL footprint on when they were small. These are gifts your family get every year as they unpack the Christmas boxes!

Make it special!

If you're spending your hard earned money, spend it wisely!

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