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Creating Creativity

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, and you will often hear 'a footballer' or 'a teacher' and more recently, a YouTuber!

Research has discovered that children who express an interest in being an artist or

working within a creative field dramatically drops around the age 10. I suspect this coincides with the point they become a little more self conscious and may begin comparing themselves to one another more, feeling less comfortable to express themselves. Peer pressure or upbringing may also have an effect. Did your parents encourage creativity at home? Do you?

I've got two kids age 12 and 13 and have definitely noticed a drop off in their desires to embrace creativity, I've had to try and get creative with keeping them creative! They will sit down and absolutely love doing something with me if I suggest it but it will never be on the top of the list if I just ask what they want to do. It almost doesn't occur to them any more.

Creativity comes in so many forms. using many different mediums - but the best of all has to be be creating just for fun! Drawing chalk designs on the patio, creating a photo collage, junk modelling, making a vision board, splashing some paint onto a canvas... the list is endless. Even - and dare I say it - creating a world in Minecraft can be a way of expressing themselves.

After the unusual and difficult year we've had, self care for all ages should be at the forefront of our hearts and minds. Investing in yourself, your family and friends will always pay dividends!

You may have to lead this a little though. And while this could feel like one more thing you have to organise, it really isn't. A video call for a 'girls night in' takes seconds to arrange and all you need is a Friday night, a pottery and paint order

and if you are so inclined, a bottle and a wine glass! Instant relaxation, instant connection, instant happiness!

The kids could do the same (though maybe not the wine!) and meet their friends on Zoom... or maybe just you and your children round the dinner table enjoying some family time. Get them expressing their ideas, mixing new colours or deciding their puppy is going to be purple! After all, there is no 'wrong' in creating - embrace the process and let the imagination run wild.

If you take the time to build some creativity into your weekly routine. you might just discover it's what you’ve been needing; peace, calmness and some fun in a life that's not quite normal at the moment!

Here's the link to order a dose of creativity:


Dixie Dot


ps head to the Dixie Dot facebook page for some free colouring printables!

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