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Dixie Dot’s Ten Top Tips for Pottery Painters

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

About to embark on some pottery painting fun?

Here are Dixie Dot’s Ten Top Tips to help you enjoy the best experience:

1) If your pottery is dusty wipe over with a damp, clean sponge to remove it before you start painting. Dust will affect the final finish of your piece.

2) Stuck for an idea? There are loads of examples on our Facebook or Instagram pages (@DixieDotCrafts) and we also have our own Pinterest page. Sometimes a blank piece of pottery, officially called bisque, can feel terrifying but it really needn’t be! Once you’ve chosen your design things become easier.

3) You need much less paint that you might think. You will be better off with thinner layers than piling it on (which can cause glazing issues or even repel the paint when it’s fired!)

4) Speaking of layers, depending on your desired look, it’s recommended that 2-3 layers will give you a solid vibrant colour. However, you might want a ‘wash’ effect in which case thin your paint with water and build up layers until you are happy with the effect.

5) Made a mistake? Don’t panic! A DAMP -definitely not wet! - clean sponge and a firm wipe will remove the issue. Remember to repaint any layers you have removed.

6) Felt tip pens burn off in the kiln - perfect for drawing your design onto your piece. it might look a mess when you’ve finished as the felt tip bleeds through, but when it’s fired it’ll disappear completely. Careful with sharpies, they might stain so better to be safe than sorry. And some pencil leads have wax in so that will repel the glaze too - stick to a safe felt tip if you can.

7) Dots can be made by using the end of your paintbrush! Dip and print!

8) Colours are vibrant and darker when fired. Remember this when mixing your own colours!

9) Don’t use any other paints on your pottery if you are intending to get it fired. Acrylics, for example, mostly burn away. At best they will stain and repel the clear glaze leaving a bit of a mess! Talking of repelling glaze, make sure you don’t get any grease from food/hand creams etc on your pottery. This sometimes happens when people are snacking and painting. Sometimes the grease can repel glaze, ruining your piece.

10) Probably should be point 1.... you cannot get this wrong! This is your creativity, time for you to relax as you enjoy your painting. Please don’t fret or worry, don’t start telling yourself you are rubbish at art and don’t play it safe.

The framed quote in my office says ‘Creativity takes courage’ - so be brave and give it a go. You’ll be glad you did!

Head to my website, register for your own member account and you’ll have access to the forum where you’ll find a tribe of customer-experts there to help you with any questions you may have.

Happy Painting!

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