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'I'm having a Mum-Whinge'

I had some customers in today that said 'Don't mind us, we're just having a Mum whinge'.

That sentence made me stop and think today.

I thought two things:

Firstly: GOOD! We all need a Mum-whinge sometimes. For any number of reasons. School holidays, slept badly, kids won't stop arguing, you are running out of money, the car's packed up, the kids won't stop eating, you can't stop eating the kids snacks, you're worried about the new school term, your other half is doing your head in..... and on it goes.


That's *actually* what Dixie Dot is about.

Ok, so it LOOKS like you spent £2.50 to bring the kids to Lego Club.

To the outside world it just seems to be kids playing with Lego.

Someone once told me I was making money for old rope once. He was wrong. Here's why:

The money you've spent on a kids workshop means:

  • The kids are occupied

  • They are using their imagination.

  • They are developing their fine motor skills.

  • They are increasing in confidence being able to speak to the group and share what they've made.

  • They are learning the art of negotiation and sharing

  • They are, if you choose, getting one to one time with you.

  • You get to sit down for longer than 4 minutes.

  • You won't have to listen to endless 'Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum'

  • You get to have a drink. And drink it when it's actually hot.

  • You don't feel guilty for the state of the house or not doing the washing because you aren't there.

  • You don't have to clear up the mess.


I'm sorry if I hadn't done a good enough job of reminding you of this.

I'm sorry if you thought Dixie Dot Crafts was JUST about painting and gluing and sticking and generally making a mess.

Dixie Dot is about catching a breath, about switching off from the outside world for the time you are here. It's about the weight of the world not being quite so heavy. It's about fun, relaxation, enjoyment. Y'know, the good stuff in life. And goodness knows do you deserve it.

This is us.

Dixie Dot Crafts.

Creating happier hearts since 2017.

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