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Its all about you...

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

As McFly would sing...

🎵 ‘It’s all about you, (it’s all about), it’s all about you, babyyyy’ 🎵 

And it really is! 

It’s hard to believe that Dixie Dot will be 3 this year. It’s just like owning a child - you can’t believe how quick it’s gone whilst feeling like they’ve been here forever. The Christmas break has given me chance to reflect a little about how my business has developed and the happiness you all give me. And as per usual I wanted to share my happiness with you,  In particular it’s been an absolute joy to see: * Families grow - creating keepsakes of tiny feet that will be treasured forever. New siblings arriving, weddings requiring ceramic favours, blended families merging and creating their own, new family Christmas baubles - it’s a pleasure to be part of it and as your lives changing!  * Tears of joy when a self proclaimed ‘non-creative’ is brave enough to sign up for a course and then produces something they doubted they could. Watching the very moment someone dares to believe they aren’t rubbish after all.... It’s absolutely magical!  

* The confidence rise in someone having a struggle with life - a few quiet hours in a space to be safe and calm, switching off the outside world giving them the strength to get through the forthcoming days or weeks. 

* Friendships being born - people arriving to a Dixie Dot session on their own and leaving with new friends to explore hobbies with. Nothing makes my heart sing more than watching these friendships bloom. 

* New businesses starting from skills they learned at a Dixie Dot workshop. What started as a ‘Fancy trying this?’ tagging a friend on a Facebook post, ends with someone falling in love with a craft so much they are now running their own Etsy shop selling their wares! 

Whatever the reason you use Dixie Dot we love having you here, we love being involved and we will support you for supporting us!  Thank you ❤️

Looking forward to making many more memories with you in 2020!

Trace x 

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