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Pandemic to Pingdemic: What's changing at Dixie Dot?

So, happy FREEDOM DAY one and all!

Although, is it just me? It doesn't sound all it's cracked up to be, as the realisation came a long time ago that there is no such thing, because, well, Covid is here to stay now. I didn't get out the banners and bunting like I imagined I would once upon a time.

Like me, I'm sure you've seen a wave of posts from small businesses and larger ones stating their Post Covid policy. Dixie Dot is just the same, I advertised ours a couple of weeks ago and it seems that many people are on my wavelength.

What does this mean? In reality not much change. We have always thoroughly cleaned down after all of our customers as a matter of course, so naturally that continues. We are leaving the 'mask' choice down to individuals. The way we've been running since we reopened at the end of May is for everyone to wear a mask when they are moving about the studio with the ability to remove it when sat which seems sensible, does it not, with the spike in cases appearing.

We are returning to a paint station - cleaned regularly of course - but we recommend that you continue to use the hand sanitiser provided on our till when you arrive. Alternatively we are happy to put small pots of paint on your table or play waitresses if you'd prefer because it removes any small risk at the paint stations. Again - your choice. Just let us know when you arrive.


Please don't come if you have got any symptoms of Covid19. That's not fair to anyone else in the studio, including myself and my staff.

You are able to reschedule your booking in the members area of the website if you need to (See Ts & Cs for more details on timing).

Ultimately some of the core Dixie Dot values are to behave with kindness, consideration and empathy in all situations and none more so than in this instance. Think about how you move about the studio, don't touch things unnecessarily, if you are asked to mask-up please don't argue.

Think about the person you know who is really Covid worried, scared to leave home, vulnerable... I need to make those people feel comfortable to come to the studio and have a good time safely.

We are moving from a time where we are all Covid-safe, to Covid-safe AND Covid-conscious.

As before, we are all in this together so lets look out for, and look after, one another and navigate our way through this next change.

Thanks for reading - see you very soon!

Dixie Dot xx

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