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"Party people in the hooooouse!"

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Oh yes! It's time to celebrate!

Parties are FINALLY back on the agenda after Lockdown.

It's been a long, thoughtful process to get here.

How are we managing 'bubbles'?

How many people can be in the studio?

What space do we have?

How many 'bubbles' are ok?

How do we know who is in what 'bubble'?

And so the list continues. I've thought about it all so much I've made myself dizzy!

We have put in place a temporary 'CoronaVirus Party Page' - when restrictions are lifted you will be able to decide how many guests, the type of party and so on, but for now we have had to limit the choices available.

Children will be sat at their own individually distanced tables. We do not advise the blowing out of candles on a 'shared' cake for obvious reasons! As much as possible we will encourage the kids to stay in their chairs for the duration. You may bring food - again, no sharing please, individual party boxes, or maybe a delivery/takeaway that you can share out.

Most importantly, the drop offs and pick ups are to be done outside the studio, and only 2 adults can stay during the party time.

You will have EXCLUSIVE use of the studio during these restrictions.

So, as you can see, the changes aren't *that* big, but do mean we can get you all back in for a lovely time and a socially distanced rendition of Happy Birthday.

Parties are initially being offered every other Friday after School and Saturdays. You can find your preferred date and book directly here:

Adult parties are going to be managed slightly differently so drop me a line through the contact form and lets have a chat!



Dixie Dot


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