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Time to slow down?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

I seem to constantly find myself saying ‘stop growing up!’ ‘You’re getting sooo big’, ‘I wish time would slow down a bit’.... it really seems like 5 minutes ago my boy was toddling around and causing absolute havoc. It’s got me thinking about how we can slow down time and I’ve come to the realisation that we can’t.

Sad, but it’s true.

We have got the time we have got. So it occurs that instead of wishing we could rewind time and live it again, we must make the most of it while we can. Appreciate every day together even when they drive you mad or have coloured in the the wallpaper or crammed toast into the xbox. Enjoy the moments that aren’t lost in phones or iPads or YouTube. And that’s not just them, it’s you too. Engage and talk and laugh together (without trying to decipher a new pre teen language you’ve never heard before, or having their friends try and FaceTime them in the middle of dinner). That’s why I love my business so much. I see family after family enjoying time together, not looking at phones, they are giggling together, communicating with each other... spending time together. Being present in the moment, the here and now. There may be bickering or squabbles sometimes. There may be disagreements because parents don’t think you should paint a cat bright pink (you can!). There might even be silences while everyone concentrates on their own projects...... But I’ll tell you what - ask a child how they spell ‘love’ and the answer will be T I M E. And as a parent, we all know, we aren’t getting this time back again.

When you come to Dixie Dot you are not just painting pottery. You’re investing time in yourself AND your family.

And that’s where the magic is ❤️



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