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"I'm a Barbie girl, in a techy world"

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I've been trying really super hard lately to get my sh*t together with regards to dragging Dixie Dot into an increasingly techy world.

And for someone not particularly techy, it's not been easy.

Rodger - 'Mr Tech' - has looked at me frequently, baffled at my sheer ineptness and lack of understanding as to how 'stuff hangs together' (his favourite line. I think he means how websites work.....?!!)

But I'm getting there. I am. I've actually surpassed all my own expectations!

I thought I'd give you a quick update on the changes over the last couple of months because they help and affect you as much as me. After all, we are in it together, right?

Hang on to your hats and please DO try to stifle that yawn (except if you're a techy type in which case feel free to squeal with delight as we go! Weirdo!)

1) The websites have been both merged and separated this means that you can get to the shop on it's own ( or through the main site. It doesn't matter which one you use. In the words of Oleta Adams 'I don't care how you get here, just, get here if you caaaaan'.

2) I've got 742 items listed in the online shop and it's all connected to the Facebook shop so you can view from either place.

That's 742.


I should probably stop buying stuff just because I think you'll like it.

Which reminds me, I have another delivery coming tomorrow and you just WAIT til you see the new garden gnomes....!!

3) The online forum (currently called Vibe with the Tribe but soon to be renamed as I've gone off that!) on the website is up and running but I have not had chance to lead much conversation on there...... so I'd like to invite you to start. If you have questions to ask, photos to share or need some inspiration I'd like that to be the first place we go so the Facebook can stay the Facebook page and not *quite* so noisy.

4) I now have 16 different email addresses across all of my businesses so that I know what's what and I'm not wading through endless tripe or spammy stuff to find the important bits. I was sick of missing messages so I think after some server moves, this has finally been nailed.

5) Are you still here? Good! 10 points to you! You can trade them in for a free cuppa when you come in to paint - quote the code Techy10 at the till and we will take the price of your hot drink off the bill! See, it pays to pay attention.

6) The party packages have been redesigned and are now on the new website to be booked. The booking system is working well for both the parties and pottery table bookings. I have aimed to cover all the questions I need so that you can book at 3am if you want to without needing to give me a ring.

7) By logging in to the website you have your very own personal members area. You can even upload a picture of your smiling face. Or your dog. Or your dinner. It doesn't really matter. The important bit is that THIS is how you access the forum but also, it means you can see any upcoming bookings and reschedule when and if you need to without having to ring and tell me. By managing your own bookings you won't lose your booking fee for your table if you move your booking in advance! See, I've literally thought of everything!

8) There's a good list of FAQ's to have a mooch through. Everything from our Covid policy to how pottery painting works to cancellation policies of workshops. If you have a question about price, disabled access or parking... please look there first!

9) I've got a great privacy and cookie policy written by a super top-notch lawyer to make sure we've dotted the i's and crossed the t's - that way we also stay GDPR compliant. I am not that great at sticking to rules but some are important, right?

10) there is no ten. What kind of saddo can come up with 10 points about this kind of stuff?

Actually, I could probably do 20, but nobody loves a show off so I'll stop now!

Consider yourself updated (and I hope it helps!)

See you soon?



PS did I mention? WE ARE REOPENING! 1 to 1 baby and pet appointments from 12th April. Table bookings for pottery painting form May 22nd. Workshops and parties from end of June. WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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1 Comment

Mar 10, 2021

For someone that was terrified to even change the email address that all your website contacts were using you have come a very long way!!!

The last 18 months have seen huge changes that only you and I will ever be aware of and Im learning how to adjust my approach to showing you new things to try to be a little less frustrated lol!

Its not perfect yet but watching you managing all aspects of your business single handedly is inspiring. Glad my skills come in useful sometimes too x

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